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Features and Benefits

Gain Insights In Your Markets

Benchmark has been designed to collect data from the field and gain meaningful insights into your sales and marketing activities. With a range of fully-built activity trackers, real-time reports and intelligent analytics, Benchmark provides you ground-breaking visibility into market activity, accounts, and sales.

Fully Integrated with Google Maps

Get full mapping on Google maps with one-click directions and easy ability to see geographic layout of all your accounts at once.

Calendar Based Planning

Schedule, cancel, and adjust appointments all within Benchmark.
A single click adds your appointments to your iCal or Outlook calendars.

Track Your Activities

Benchmark gives you the tools to easily track your team’s sales and activity in market, and is designed specifically for the beverage industry. All of your standard metrics are set up and ready to use. Don’t see an activity? Just ask, and we will create it for you.

17 Activities Built In

Benchmark identified the most common field marketing and sales activities performed in the beverage industry, and they come built into the app when you sign up. From number of attendees to “sips on lips” to consumer reactions and photos – Benchmark consolidates all key elements of a program into one easy-to-find place.

Simple, Aggregated Information

The need to combine dozens of excel files to view activities across teams and regions is over! View all of your team real-time progress, in one place. Easy-to-read charts and graphs will help you see the impact your programming is having on the brand.


Built for Mobile

Built from the ground up to be mobile ready, Benchmark works just as seamlessly on on your phone and tablet as it does on the desktop.

Mobile Ready Websites

We built Benchmark to be ready for on-the-go users. That’s why Benchmark is completely mobile ready, designed to work on your phone and tablet.

Track Your Activities On-The-Go

View your activities, review accounts, input information, and track your teams from the field. Be more efficient when you have the Benchmark app on the go! The Benchmark app is available for download in the Apple and Android app stores, free of charge.

Powerful, Actionable Insights

Benchmark will crunch the numbers and show you how your activities are doing with standard reports built by experts in the beverage industry. Or, use the metrics section to visualize sales analysis in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Track Your KPIs In Real-Time

Want to know how an individual or team is performing? Program Administrators can set Key Performance Indicators by team or individual so that it’s easy to track performance metrics. Teams and individuals are set up for success by having real-time visibility into tracking their KPI progress, ensuring for accountability and motivation.


Metric reports give your team – from individual FMRs to program administrators – a global understanding into the real results of their efforts.
Interactive, real-time metrics analysis are built in 4 key areas: by activities, ROI, sales, and accounts.

Team Wide Insights

Build momentum with simple infographics that keep your entire team focused on the key success metrics. Keep deadlines top of mind with a dynamic time tracker.

Request Customized Reports

Is Benchmark missing a key report? No problem. Drop us a line and we’ll come back with a recommendation and quote, if applicable, within 2 business days. We want to make Benchmark work for you and your team, so let us know what you need.

Easy to Use

We made Benchmark with you in mind. The usability is simple, straightforward, and intuitive.

Organized, Easy-To-Use Data

Enter key information about your accounts in straightforward, form-based fields. We make it easy to add the details, so when we create a report, you’ll know your data is clear. Easily view large amounts of information in table-based web pages, or export to Excel.

Help Desk at Your Service

We’re here to help. Benchmark’s help desk provides answers to the top questions we’ve gotten from users. Your question not there? No problem. Ask our help desk or call our support line.

Simple Customization Features

Team administrators can quickly add or remove users, customize account classifications, and manage KPI targets.

Easy to Customize

Benchmark knows that not every field marketing program is the same. This is why our product is adaptable and fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Many custom options available upon request, including:

  • Key brand reports
  • Activities
  • Timeframes

Team Building Tools

Build a sense of community with our forum and chat features for your team.


Chat with your teammates right within Benchmark.

Collaborate With Your Team

Benchmark makes for better teamwork and communication between administrators and team members. It’s easy to keep track of the conversations with Benchmark’s Forum. Tag team members in posts to notify them that you’ve shared valuable information for review.

Premium Modules Available

Premium modules are optional and can be purchased as additional features of Benchmark.

Test & Train

Train and track the results of your field education in an easy and measurable way. Simply provide your sales sheet and brand assets and Benchmark will create a beautiful website to educate the field on your brand and also take a quiz about that information they just learned. You’re able to see exactly who took the quiz, passed, and the date it was taken. All data from the quiz ties directly back into your Benchmark account so you can track the results.

Promotions Booking

Streamline your sampling campaigns with Benchmark’s Promotions Booking module. Your teams will receive the flexibility to book promo models through a password protected booking form, and then manage and execute your sampling campaigns. Analyze program data and the team’s efforts with reports such as ROI and POS disbursement.